Welcome to March!

imageSpring is coming! Spring is coming! March signifies renewal, new life and warmer weather. Life is fragile, and it is beautiful. We are well into the Lenten Season.   I have given up desserts (Monday – Saturday) and all forms of alcoholic beverage for the entire 46 day period.  From what are you fasting?  Resurrection Sunday is at the end of the month on March 31.  March is also Women’s History Month.  This year’s theme is Women’s Education – Women’s Empowerment. Women are pretty awesome! I’m definitely glad to be one.  Check out the women’s history website for more information.  Basketball will be a hot topic this month because March Madness is beginning. The Final Four Tournament will be taking place right here in Atlanta the first weekend in April. 
Today is a day just for me. No, it is not my birthday. It is National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day!  Dr. George Washington Carver is credited with inventing peanut butter. He  invented more than 300 uses for the peanut.  In observance of this day, I incorporated peanut butter into my breakfast smoothie.  I packed PB&J for lunch, as I have all week. It is such a comfort food. I also plan to incorporate it into my dinner as well – haven’t decided how just yet.  🙂
Tomorrow, March 2,  is Dr. Seuss’ birthday; it is also Read Across America DayGreen eggs and ham anyone?
March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. This is a BIG day in Savannah.  When I was in college, SSU band would always march in the parade.  I miss Savannah and the university by the sea.   Make sure you wear something green so you don’t get pinched.  Undergarments do not  count!
Happy March!
P.S. I have to credit my mother as the reason that I know about Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day, Dr. George Washington Carver and Read Across America.  She taught me about the numerous contributions of African Americans, not just during black history month, but year round.  And, before she retired, she spearheaded Read Across America at her school.
P.P.S.  In the spirit of Spring  and the cleaning that comes along with it, I finally threw my gingerbread house in the trash.  It was time. The icing was starting to fall off.

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