Happy Dance


This is totally random and silly; but, I’ve been in a random and silly kind of mood today.  I try not to take myself or life too seriously, so days like this are good for my mental stability. What makes you do your happy dance? I think most people have a happy dance.  If you don’t have one, you should choreograph one.  Well, maybe choreography is taking it a bit far, but you understand what I mean.  I get excited about pretty things and getting a good deal on something I purchase.  I clip coupons and comparison shop.  Soooo, my happy dance comes out when I have gotten a good deal (or have convinced myself that I’ve gotten a good deal).  🙂 Sometimes, I actually do my dance at the register, sometimes I just tell the cashier that my savings makes me want to do a happy dance and other times I just text a friend or two.  Ok, to be honest, sometimes I’ll do the dance and text someone about it. 🙂   To be even more honesty, I think about doing the happy dance more than I actually do it (I think).  LOL

 Other things that make me do (or think about doing) my happy dance:  finding something that I have been looking for and finding something I had forgotten I had (that’s one of the best feelings ever).

imageMore recently, when I noticed that my tulips (the first to bloom is pictured at the top) had started to look like real tulips, I did my happy dance at my front door.  It was about 6:00 in the morning, and I was headed to the gym.  When I actually saw the first bloom a few days ago I took a picture and called several people to share my excitement.   Side note:  I’m quite proud of myself because I planted the bulbs months ago and wasn’t sure that they would even bloom.

Ultimately, whatever brings joy to your heart should make you do your happy dance, or at least think about doing it. I hope something brings you joy this weekend so that you too have an opportunity to do your happy dance!

 As I continue to be amazed by God’s grace, I pray that you are blessed. 


One thought on “Happy Dance

  1. Great, light hearted message. Yes, all of us need to lighten up sometimes. When we take life too seriously, it wears on us and ages us. Thanks for sharing your Tulips and your joys! The Lord is blessing you!

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