Change Will Come


This wasn’t what I had planned to post today, but sometimes God takes you in another direction.
My uncle was eulogized today. The preacher used Job 14:13&14 as his text. His topic was “Lord, Remember Me.” But, when I read the verses of scripture, “a change will come” kept running through my mind.  My uncle’s life spoke for itself.  He was smart and a hard worker.  He had the patience of Job. He was generous to a fault, and he could discuss and debate (if he didn’t agree with you) politics with the best of them.  I will definitely miss him.
When a person dies, it is a reminder to family members (and others) that they need to get right with God.  Ridding yourself of jealousy, anger, resentment and strife are steps in the right direction and will make a world of difference.  It is and had been my prayer that a change will come for many of my family members – that God will unharden their hearts and change their ways.   I know a change WILL come in God’s perfect timing.
I pray that a positive change is coming your way.
Be blessed!

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