A Prayer for My Blog

praying hands brown

I am a firm believer in prayer.  If you haven’t already, you really should read Praying to Change Your Life.  It really will change your prayer life. 🙂  I know that prayer changes things.  It has changed many things in my life, especially when someone else prayed for me (when I didn’t pray as I should).  But, before I dive in to my prayer for my blog, I have to back up just a little bit.  Two days ago, one of my friends called and told me how much she enjoys my blog and that it lifts her spirits.  Listening to her talk about how my words encouraged her blessed my soul, which I really needed yesterday.  It is a totally awesome feeling to know that what I write inspires another person. It is almost unbelievable that people actually look forward to what I write.  I say almost unbelievable because it has been my prayer that my words would motivate, encourage the readers.   Because of those prayers, I know it is possible.

I pray blessings over my blog, my community of supporters, my writing and my life.

I pray for my blog.  I pray that I always blog intentionally and with purpose.  My prayer for my blog is that it honors and brings glory to God, above all else.  I pray that my blog’s readership increases and that this part-time hobby can catapult me into a business venture. It is my prayer that I inspire readers as I convey God’s amazing grace.

I pray for my community of supporters.  My prayer for my supporters, who find  time in their busy schedules to visit my blog, read my posts and look at my crafts and recipes, is that they have an earnest desire to live as God calls us to live and an earnest desire to build a more intimate relationship with Him.  I am thankful for the comments.  Not all readers leave comments, in fact, I get more Facebook messages and text messages than anything.  Those messages lift my spirits and keep me going.

I ask God to give me the right things to write.  My blog isn’t about me.  I am God’s vessel.  It is about Real. Life. Christianity.  I am a real person who experiences things common to young women. Transparency and authenticity are the goal.   It has only been a few short months, but it seems like much longer.  I hope I have been transparent (enough) 🙂 about my life – shortcomings, vulnerabilities and all. I ask God for the ability to write graceful and insightful words that draw people closer to Him.

God has made us what we are, in our union with Christ Jesus he has created a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us.
Ephesians 2:10 (GNT)

Last, but not least, I pray for myself.  Each day, I am one step closer to wherever God is taking me.  I feel as though everyone who lives for Christ has a ministry.  My life is my ministry, and my blog is my platform.  I am thankful that God does indeed have a purpose for my life, despite my uncertainty about my purpose.  I do know that I have been placed here to do the great work that He has created in advance just for me (Ephesians 2:10).  I am thankful that He has given me a platform to express my faith, in a way that inspires others and allows them to see God in me.

As always, I wish you peace and blessings!

P.S.  When I started writing this, my intention was not for it to be as long as it turned out.  (shoulder shrug) 🙂
P.P.S.  I am getting really excited about my 30th birthday events!!!!


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