The Truth…Personified

This is my third (and hopefully best) draft of this post. The other ones were a little too much – for a number of different reasons.  🙂

Things I have learned about the truth

It is…

  • or it isn’t
  • real
  • perplexing
  • hard to accept
  • intriguing
  • loyal
  • liberating
  • infuriating
  • phenomenal
  • original
  • a guiding light
  • a motivating factor
  • scarce
  • strong
  • draining (though it should not be)
  • a safe and scary place (yes, both at the same time)
  • God’s gift
I accept both the good and bad about it.  I am it’s biggest fan.
“You will know the truth by the way it feels.”
    – The Truth, India.Arie

Peace and blessings,



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