Ode to India

imageOk, I have a confession.  I have a girl crush on India.Arie – not in the sense that I want to date her.  But, in the sense that I think she ROCKS…HARD!!!  She’s awesome and so is her music. I only wish more people appreciated her music as much as I do.  I remember sitting in the rain at Chastain Park in 2006 at one of her concerts.  That is dedication, especially for me – a person who makes every effort not to leave the house (or office – depending upon where I am) if it is raining.  Her highly anticipated (by me anyway :-)) 5th album is being released tomorrow. Double yay! I pre-ordered the deluxe edition of the album over the weekend, and I eagerly await its  arrival in my iTunes library in the morning. Gone are the days of having actual CDs (pictured above and below). Nevertheless, I am still excited about this new album!


India’s grace, beauty, truth and style are present in every syllable that starts deep down in her soul and then comes pouring so smoothly out of her mouth.  She dares to be different.  She dares to sing songs that are socially conscious (read aren’t solely about love, sex and material possessions). The lyrics of her songs make my brain happy!  She is only 1 of 4 artists about which I can say that I have purchased every album they’ve ever released.  Below, I list my favorite song from each of her albums.  I invite you to purchase the new one (and any of the old ones you don’t have) and choose your favorite song(s). I am looking forward to having this album on repeat and discovering new favorite songs.


Acoustic Soul (2001) – Part of My Life
Voyage to India* (2002) – Talk to Her & Can I Walk with You
Testimony: Vol. 1, Life and Relationships (2006)- I Choose
Testimony: Vol 2, Love and Politics (2009) – He Heals Me
SongVersation (2013) – to be determined


*Voyage to India was by far my favorite album.  I really could have listed 2 more songs that I really liked on that album.

Wishing you peace, love and “SongVersation”,


P.S. Check out the vacation bible school (or just because you feel like being crafty) craft ideas.


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