Blessings in Spite of

imageHappy Wednesday evening!!! This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had an epiphany: God blesses us in spite of….ourselves, our faults and anything else that we put in the way. I am working on a few things right now. At times it feels overwhelming, but I know that God does not ever ask us to do anything he hasn’t equipped us to do. And, the equipment comes in a variety of forms. A piece of my equipment – an offer of help from a friend – was delivered last night.

One of my friends has offered to assist me with one of my endeavors. Yay! Or so you would think. But, not me. (smh) Initially, I politely declined the offer. The second time, I said we would talk. When we finally talked, I still found myself trying to persuade both of us that I did not really need any help. But, being kindhearted and patient, the response was simply, “The offer stands. Think about it and let me know.” Thought, I did. Prayed, I did. Called my daddy, I did. I did all of those things last night. And this morning, I heard from God. He told me to stop resisting. Stop, I did. 🙂

God blesses us despite our best efforts to mess things up…proof that his promises are real. We share the desires of our hearts with Him, believing that He will provide them if they are in His will for our lives. He promises to give us the desires of our hearts, but He doesn’t say how. That is what is so great about God! If we knew how our blessings were coming or who they were coming through, we wouldn’t be patient and wait for God to deliver, we’d interfere and mess things up (or do our best to) every time.

Despite our pride and attempts at self – reliance, God blesses us. Despite our unintentional attempts to block our own blessings, God blesses us. He blesses us to be a blessing to others.

Be blessed!



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