KW Blog Hop Week 1: Resist vs. Rest


A few months ago, a reader was kind enough to post a comment suggesting I read Kingdom Woman by Chrystal Evans Hurst and Dr. Tony Evans. I thought, “Cool. My father has listened to sermons and read books by Dr. Tony Evans since I was a child and the book has a similar title to my blog.”  I clicked the link the reader provided, pre-ordered the book and here we are.

I’ve decided to participate in the Kingdom Woman blog hop, so I encourage each of you who is seeking God’s will for your life as a woman of God and who is working to bring glory to His kingdom to visit Chrystal’s Blog HERE and to purchase the book.

Now, for today’s post…

If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you know SURRENDER is my word of the year. I posted about it here.  But, even if you’ve joined the Kingdom Chick Family anywhere along the way, you know surrender is focal point for me.  I’ve posted about it quite a bit, most recently on Saturday (Surrendering to Hear from God. You can read that here.) Today, the first devotion I read was about the difference between rest and resist. And then I read Chrystal’s Tuesday Talk (two days late, I know), 🙂 which presented an opportunity to participate in a blog hop. One of the topics for the blog hop was personal control vs. surrender. The wheels started turning.

I used to be a control freak.  Now, although I am not a control freak, I still like to control things. I’m an only child.  Maybe that has something to do with it. It is human nature to want to be in control. But, it is unhealthy to want to be in control of everything. In the past, I had a desire to be in control of everything I made and stuck to 5 year plans in my professional and educational life. I called myself being intentional about my personal life. That always led to emotional turmoil, especially if I felt I wasn’t accomplishing things fast enough. But, as I grow in God’s grace, I am encouraged to want to give up personal control and leave everything at the altar of God’s heart. This act is also known as surrender. I’m not perfect at it, but I’m getting better. 🙂

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

When I think about a person who attempts to exercise personal control over their lives, I think of a person who is weary, burdened and out of control (emotionally and/or physically). But, I also think of a person who is RESISTing God’s will for their life. When I think of a person who surrenders, EVERY aspect of their life to God, I think of a person who is at peace because they rest in the assurance that God is faithful and a provider of all of our needs and the desires of our hearts. That is the person I want to become. Each day, I work on becoming a little better at surrendering. A person who surrenders seeks and finds REST in God. God’s got it.  He doesn’t need any assistance from us.

Today, ask yourself whether you are resisting God’s will or seeking and finding rest in Him. If you find that you are resisting God more than you are seeking rest in him (surrendering), then make a concerted effort to take a step back, pray and meditate.  This will make it easier to turn your burdens, worries and cares over to Him. The more often you seek rest in God, the easier it becomes. This, I am learning. 🙂

Peace and blessings, 



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