Created to Worship Him

20131113-221400.jpgA few weeks ago I read a blog post entitled Dear Women (not yet) in Worship. This post struck a cord within me. It convicted me. It seemed as though the things that Julianna wrote were written directly to me. Growing up, I was in a teen choir called Teen Ministry. We traveled and ministered through music. But, since then I’ve not really been in a choir…until recently.

I like to sing. People who sit around me during worship service often comment about my singing (and they are nice comments) :-). They tell me I should join the choir. I always have the fall back excuse – “I don’t have enough time in my schedule.” – mixed with “I don’t sing that well” and anything else I feel like saying at the moment. In addition to not wanting to make time, I didn’t want people looking at me (not remembering the fact that worship is about God and and His glory NOT me and my insecurities.) Some of you may be like me. You may feel God tugging on your heart to do a certain thing for HIS glory, but you have all these reservations about why now isn’t a good time or how you don’t have time. But, we must push past all of those things so God can use us.

A few weeks before I read Julianna’s post, I joined the Women’s Day Choir at church. I only intended to be there up until the Women’s Day Service (which was on Sunday). At the second practice, the choir director and one of the members told me they envisioned me remaining in the choir even after Women’s Day. I smiled politely and told them I would pray about it, all the while thinking yeah right. Both of my parents made comments about me liking choir so much that I might consider staying on. I told them we’d see. At the last practice, we were told the name of the Women’s Day Choir would be Women in Worship! Coincidence? Nope. Confirmation? Yep. 🙂 Long story short, I decided to remain. After all, we were created to worship Him! He doesn’t ask a lot of us. Aside from love (for him, ourselves and each other), the only other thing God requires of us is our WORSHIP! 

I encourage you to read Julianna’s post. If it convicts you like it did me, you should pray about God’s call on your life to be a more active participant in the worship ministries at your local church.

Be blessed,



Grand Prize: Sacia F. – Edmond, OK

2nd Prize: Lisa L. – Port Aransas, TX

3rd Prize: To be determined (The notified winner didn’t respond, so another winner will be selected.)

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!


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