I Believe

This is random, but relevant. Hopefully something I have written will be familiar or make you smile. Two weeks ago, I read a post on Boundless entitled “Working Toward Compatibility.” I read it, but I didn’t close the window when I finished.  I reopened Safari later and saw the tab still there (along with several others). I went back and looked at the article again because apparently I wasn’t finished with it.  This went on for several days, and I just could not bring myself to close the tab. You see I leave the tabs open as a reminder of the different things I need to follow up on. So, the fact that I left this tab open for so long triggered the “I need to do something with this” response in my brain. 🙂 This post is the result of that trigger.

I believe in fairy tales. I believe in happily ever after. I believe in arranged marriages.  I believe you can learn to love someone. I believe communication is important. I believe that if people agree on the important things in life (Believing that Jesus died for our sins, whether to have children, how to rear and discipline those children and a few other things), almost everything else is relative. I believe that people can work toward compatibility, after all relationships – marital and platonic – take work. I believe that happily ever after is all about self-preparation.

Matthew 18:19 (NIV) – …If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

“Great love isn’t the result of two people finding a perfect match in each other. Great love is two people choosing to be each other’s perfect match.” I also believe that truth speaks from a quiet place. So when you see and experience the truth, you know it.  And when you know that it (or he or she) is truth, you are at peace.

That is all.

What do you believe (in general or about anything I’ve said)?


P.S. Today is my mother’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mama! My father took us to lunch yesterday for her birthday, and this is the dessert she got. Cute right?


P.P.S. I’ll be sharing a craft (of sorts) with you next week.  So, stay tuned for that!


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