Christmas Letter to God


Merry Christmas Eve!! The advent season is upon us (and has been for several weeks). 🙂 ‘Tis the season of joy to the world, peace on earth and celebrating Jesus’ birth. ‘Tis also the season of Christmas lights, family and holiday gatherings, Christmas Wish Lists, letters to Santa and dropped hints to loved ones about the things we want for Christmas. My lists have been delivered (and hopefully purchased, since tomorrow is Christmas). Then, I thought perhaps I should write a Christmas Letter – a wish list of sorts – to God. So, here goes.

Dear God,
Merry Christmas!! It’s me, Tara! But, you know that already. Thank you for sending the priceless (2 Corinthians 9:15), indescribeable gift of your son, Jesus Christ, to be the perfect example of love and humility. Thank you for sacrificing him so that I could have eternal life. During this time of the year, there is so much busyness – shopping for the perfect material gift(s) – that people forget the true reason for the season. Every moment is busy, and every interaction is rushed. Please allow the love of Jesus Christ to fill my heart and home and the hearts and homes of others – not only during this time of the year, but throughout the coming year.
Father, I ask that you bless each of my family members, friends and readers in the areas of their respective lives taht need a simple touch, refinement and attention from you.
This Christmas, I ask you to send me someone I can serve You better with than without, and someone with whom I can have fun along the way. (I’m kind of hoping you’ve already placed him in my life…but, I’ll have to be patient and wait to see what adventure(s) you will be taking us on). I pray for your continued grace and mercy toward me. Help me to show that same grace and mercy to others. I also pray for guidance in my career and financial decisions and discernment in each of my relationships. Finally, pleave give me the strength to be vulnerable, when necessary.
Merry Christmas, again. Thank you for your eternal light. Please keep it shining in me so that others may see your good works and glorify you. I ask all of these things in your son, Jesus’ name.
All my love,

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