He Keeps on Blessing Me


I am pleased, no ecstatic, to announce the launching of AKingdomCreation.com. I would say that we are a few days behind schedule, but everything happens on time and in God’s time. Because of God, I was able to push aside my fears and step out on faith.

I have to say a very big thank you to all my family members and friends, especially my parents and my work twin, who tested product after product after product. Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion regarding design features and product packaging. And, I owe a huge thank you and debt of gratitude to those 3 very special people who assisted in making this dream come true. You are ALL loved and appreciated!

Check the site out. There is something for everyone. And, just in time for Valentine’s Day we have heart shaped soaps for women and soap boxes with heart cut outs for men and women!

Our featured product this month is Honey Dew Facial Scrub. There is a promo code (HDew10) that gives you 10% off the Honey Dew Facial Scrub! 

Peace and thanks,

Signature - Nefertara pink pretty

P.S. Check out our social media pages! Click on the icons to be taken directly to our social media pages.

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AND tell your friends and family!


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