Super Bowl XLVIII

imageThe Super Bowl is just days away. This snow day has allowed me to do a little prep work for my party. It also left me with a little time to read about both teams. Do you want to impress your friends when you sit down to watch the BIG GAME on Sunday? If you answered yes, and in case you don’t have time to troll the internet looking for fun facts, I have provided you with a few. 🙂 Happy Super Bowling!

Fun Fact #1: Super Bowl XLVIII aka Super Bowl 2014 aka Super Bowl 48, will be played at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (not New York, as many would believe, based on all the promotional hype).
Fun Fact #2: The Seattle Seahawks will face off against the Denver Broncos.
Fun Fact #3: For the first time in 20 years, two No. 1 Seeds will face each other in the Super Bowl.
Fun Fact#4: Russell Wilson (born Nov. 29, 1988) and Peyton Manning (born March 24, 1976) have a 12 year, 250 day age difference. This is the greatest age difference ever between two starting Super Bowl quarterbacks.

Now that you you have successfully impressed your friends with your amazing knowledge of the Super Bowl, fill their bellies with some ridiculously delicious food and wow them with your awesome hosting skills. Happy Super Bowl 48!!

If you are interested in seeing what I am planning – decoration and food wise, head on over to my blog at by clicking here.


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4 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVIII

  1. Goof stuff! I’m a little torn this year. I will be rooting for the Broncos bc of my allegiance to PM (I’m a Colts fan :-)), but I wouldn’t be mad for Russell Wilson to win either. It’ll be a good one for sure. I’m certain your guests will have a wonderful time…enjoy 🙂

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