A Purpose-Filled Journey

Blog - A Purpose-Filled JourneyGod has great plans for us. But, you probably already know that. It’s the final destination or what some of us consider to be our purpose that has many of us confused. But, I am learning that I am discovering my purpose along the journey. So, in other words, my purpose is a journey not the final destination. If we trust and obey God’s commands, He will guide us along the path he has created just for us. Yesterday, the Sunday School lesson was about Abraham’s radical desire to obey God even when he couldn’t see where God was taking him. Abraham left almost everyone he knew (with the exception of his wife – Sarah and nephew – Lot) to go to a land he had never seen ALL because he TRUSTED God and BELIEVED the promises God made to him – to make him into a great nation, to make his name great, to make him a blessing, to bless those who blessed him, to curse those who cursed him. This portion of that bible story is found in Genesis 12:1-7.  Click here to read it. God makes us promises too! And we should follow Abraham’s example of trusting and believing wholeheartedly.
After giving the kids and overview of the lesson, we read and dissected our memory verse – I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8.
To illustrate Abraham’s trust, I brought blind folds to class and let them lead each other on “trust walks.” Some of the students stood in one place and gave directions. Other students, walked part of the way with the student he or she was directing. But, only one student (the very last one) walked the entire way with the student she was directing. I couldn’t have planned that part of our lesson any better, even if I had tried.
God is like that last student! He walks with us and guides us along the journey. Even when we aren’t sure of the final destination, if we spend time learning His voice, listen for his guidance and adhere to his direction, we will end up exactly where we are supposed to be and things will be exactly He planned.
After we completed the trust walks, we discussed the following things:
  • the differences in the way the students gave instructions,
  • one students wouldn’t let another student guide him because he didn’t trust that particular student,
  • no one knew their final destination at the time they started following directions,
  • some did not follow their guide’s directions and
  • only one student walked the entire with her person.
This helped them have a much better understanding of our lesson. And this morning, as I was reflecting on yesterday’s events, it put things in perspective for me too. I have been praying about my purpose and even wrote a Prayer for Purpose, which I meditated on yesterday.  God calls us to do things for His glory, and we will be blessed in the process. But, first, we must trust God and follow his directions along the journey even we have no idea of our final destination (just like Abraham).
So, now I know my prayer should be that God use the areas of service he has called me to glorify Him and edify the body of Christ.
Father, Thank you for calling each of us to serve you in ways that bring us joy. We want to always understand that when you give us a dream or a desire and call us to serve you, it is for Kingdom reasons. We want to always be open to the journey you have planned for us and the godly desires you have planted in our hearts. Help us to keep our eyes, ears and heart turned to you. In the matchless name of your son Jesus we pray, amen.
Have an powerful, purpose – filled week!
Peace & love, 

One thought on “A Purpose-Filled Journey

  1. With all my heart, I thank you for such a substantive, inspiring and truthful message. ALL we have to do is TRUST, BELIEVE and follow GOD’s commandments. Reading your post has been a major blessing for me on this Monday morning (11-2-15). God Bless you!

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