About Me



I’m Ivori’s (pictured above) mom. I’m also a daughter, friend, cousin, accountability partner, Sunday school teacher, craft enthusiast, published author, music lover, avid coupon clipper, lawyer, baker, book worm, writer, pescatarian for almost a year, public speaker, amateur photographer and silent encourager, who is perfectly imperfect and created in Jesus Christ to do GREAT works which God created in advance just for me!

I’m a kingdom chick…

A kingdom chick is a woman whose heart is captivated by Christ.  She pursues God with reckless abandon and dies to herself daily.  She is gracious, prudent, committed to growing in grace and godliness and willing to obey God’s plan for her life. A kingdom chick is noble. She encourages others and has a gentle and quiet spirit.

Who Wants to Blog…

I like to write. I like to write everything (lists, letters, random thoughts) and I like to write it in pencil (ask anyone who really knows me). God has given me certain abilities – cooking, crafting and writing – that just come naturally to me.  I have a desire to share my passions and my desires with other women, particularly single women, who wish to grow in God, just like I do, and have fun while doing it. I don’t have a plan or a desire to share my thoughts on just one topic – that might be a bit boring. :-0) The cooking and crafting will be more of a photo blog.  My love of writing will be fulfilled in writing devotions and writing about relationships, dating and trusting God’s will for your life.

About my passions…

I am passionate about enjoying life, my family and my faith (definitely not in that order). I enjoy life most when I am entertaining friends, communing with God, writing, baking, making crafts for some event or with the kids at church or thinking of the next event that will allow me to make something pretty. So, it stands to reason that those are the things I’m passionate about. For me, writing is therapeutic. In the past, sometimes I’d share what I wrote, most times I wouldn’t. That is about to change.

. . .and my Desires.

I have lots of desires, too many to list. I desire to live in such a way that I bring glory to God in all that I do.  My other primary desires are to glorify God by helping young women like me realize their self – worth, their importance and God’s will for their lives.  On this journey, you will learn that you are a kingdom chick too!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congrats, Nef. This is a good thing! Proud of you for adding something inspirational and positive to a world that needs all the encouragement and positivity it can receive.

  2. Tara, your blog is so inspiring to me; I feel rejuvenated after reading your postings. Thanks for sharing God’s blessings with us. I’m so very proud of you. Keep looking Up!
    God Bless,

    Mary C.

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