Organic Sugar Scrubs

Hello Testers, 

I had a lot to say, but all of it wouldn’t fit on the sample jars. 🙂 Thank you for agreeing to sample my organic sugar scrub!! These scrubs are made with organic, all natural ingredients.  Sugar scrubs are great exfoliators and moisturizers.  They buff away dead, unwanted skin cells to reveal healthy, beautiful, glowing skin.  The best part (to me anyway) is that the oil I use in the scrubs leaves skin moisturized. But, before you dive in, please perform a spot or patch test to determine whether you are allergic to the product. Directions for use are pictured below. In case you are wondering about the use by date, it is December 21, 2013.  But, I’d really appreciate you using your sample sooner rather than later. 🙂


Each 1oz sample jar has enough product for approximately 4 uses.  Once you have used the product, please return to this page to log your comments.  Thanks in advance!!




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